I’m Tired!

20150318_193234I’m tired. I’m tired of snow and being cold, bare branches with no leaves, and potholes. I’m tired of endless piles of dishes and dog poop and kitty litter boxes and dust bunnies. I’m tired of laundry and missing socks, and dust on the furniture. I’m tired of sticky handles and toothpaste in the sink. I’m tired of the musty smell of animals in my house. I’m tired of violent video games and zombies and gore and blood. I’m tired of rap music that talks of sex, one-night stands but not love. I’m tired of swear words and meanness, and bigotry. I’m tired of dirty politics and accusations and finger pointing and disrespect. I’m tired of bull-headed people who would rather stick to their false beliefs than take care of the planet. I’m tired of trash in the gutters and plastic bottles in the trash. I’m tired of grey walls, straight lines, and modern design. I’m tired of trash talking, religious zealots and bombs. I’m tired of the media, one sided reporting and playing the same story over and over until you don’t even care anymore. I’m tired of hot flashes and cold feet and achy joints. I’m tired of wrinkles and grey hair and pet hair on my clothes. I’m just tired…

I long for sunshine, the smell of orange blossoms, the sound of the ocean as the waves hit the shore. I long for the salty seaweedy smell of the ocean and the way the sun dances on the water. I long for girl friends and lazy afternoons browsing shops, the smells of perfume and fresh linen in my favorite gift shops. I long for road trips to see my family for holidays, planning menus and cooking with my sisters. I long for good vegetarian restaurants and long conversations to solve the world’s problems. I long for palm trees and sand between my toes and lying by the pool and sweating on leather car seats while wearing shorts on a hot day. I long for real hugs from people I care about and laughter and getting dressed up for special occasions. I long for kindness and respect and love and positive thinking. I long for flowers and lace and classical music and concerts in the park with wine and cheese and good friends. I long for… home.


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