Making Room for the Heart

11041917_10205137410308155_6695091587476410494_oMy son is recuperating from surgery for Pectus Excavatum, a congenital deformity of the chest. This caused his chest to sink inward toward his heart and lungs and pushed his heart toward the left side of his thoracic cavity making it difficult for him to exercise without fatiguing quickly. To repair this, the surgeon made small incisions on Cameron’s sides and slid a bar under his sternum and ribs, and then he flipped the bar to push his chest outward. Now Cameron’s heart is happy, because it has room to do its job, pumping all that oxygenated blood around my son’s body and my son is happy because he no longer has a sunken chest It’s a win-win!

It makes me wish there was a special procedure for all the haters and bigots and abusers in this world, a surgery to correct their deformities; the hate and anger and despair…a magical surgery to make room for the heart…just flip that bar up and allow each heart to be filled with love. It would be a win-win!


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